New Student Orientation

Welcome to New Student Orientation!
Congratulations on your admission to Florida Memorial University. This is the most important decision-making time in your life when you are dreaming about your future. You can close the gap between dreaming about your future and fulfilling your dreams through your enrollment at Florida Memorial University. It is time to take control of your future! Our graduates have learned the secrets to success through their studies at Florida Memorial they are recruited by premiere graduate universities and by the leading employment firms in the nation and the world. Florida Memorial University graduates become world leaders.

The legacy of Florida Memorial is visible through our university motto: Leadership, Character and Service. Our commitment to knowledge is imbedded in Florida Memorial University’s rich tradition and history. We are taking bold, unprecedented steps to create a model of education fortitude and achievement, and we are happy you will be a part of that forward movement.

Your future starts today on a new path, and the faculty and staff of the Florida Memorial are ready to teach, guide and serve you. We will look forward to seeing you at New Student Orientation, Advising and Registration.

Welcome to Lion Country!